Personalized Holistic Pet Nutritionist Plan with Hair Mineral Analysis Test


Our pet nutritional plan and fur tissue mineral analysis test will help your pet achieve optimal health.  What’s included:

  • Hair tissue mineral analysis test to identify if there are any nutritional deficiencies and/or heavy metal toxicity
  • Detailed emailed analysis of report with supplement and basic food recommendations based on food therapy principles once hair tissue results received
  • 1 follow up email within 4 weeks of receiving final report

When optimal, species-appropriate nutrition and deficiencies are resolved, your pets can look and feel their best for life!

Are you worried about the pet food you are feeding your dog or cat?

Do you know if your pet has vitamin or mineral deficiencies that can lead to chronic disease or if they have heavy metals inhibiting healing?

If you have a pet that's sensitive to supplements, different types of food or medications, the hair tissue mineral analysis test can help identify if there are deficiencies that are impairing your pet from healing.

Maybe you heard the brand you are feeding may cause health issues for your dog or cat or was recently recalled?

Are you stressed about your cat having allergies, kidney disease, urinary disease, or other diseases and want to change to a better diet, but aren't sure what the next step is or how to ensure that the diet is safe and balanced?

Our nutritional report are all about what works best for you and your pet in regards to your time and budget.  The key is that the nutritional plan works for you and works to optimize your pet's health.

We can use food as medicine using food therapy principles to help your pet's health condition or to maintain optimal health and help prevent diseases from occurring in the future. Many of the pets we've formulated nutritional plans for stopped itching, their coat improved, and they felt better and had more energy.

Combined with a fur/hair tissue mineral analysis, you'll have your fur family feeling their best in no time!  A hair mineral analysis test reveals your pet’s minerals deficiencies and heavy metal toxicity. You will receive a full analysis explaining the test results and next action steps.

Stop worrying about whether you are doing what's best for your beloved pet and let's partner today to make sure you are on the right path to lifelong health for your pets!

Here's how to get started:
1) After purchasing a nutritional/hair tissue mineral analysis plan, you will receive an email with PDFs to download.

2) Fill out the questionnaire and appropriate pet nutritional survey with all pertinent information that you would like Dr. Katie to know to help her make recommendations for the best diet for your beloved pet.

4) Follow the instructions on the Animal Hair Analysis Information Form to collect a fur sample to mail to Dr. Katie.  Once received (along with the nutritional PDF and survey information), results typically take about 2-3 weeks, and then a detailed analysis and nutritional supplements will be recommended if needed.

In this nutritional plan, you will receive:

  • Emailed hair tissue mineral analysis report and analysis with basic food therapy recommendations
  • 1 follow-up email within 4 weeks of receiving HTMA report during business hours (Tues-Friday 9-5pm MST) to ensure your pet is doing well with the transition to the new diet.

*There are no refunds for services. Services can be used for other pets or gifted to friends or family.


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