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Want to have a holistic vet in your back pocket?

Get all the tools, care, and advice you need from a holistic vet to help your pet feel their best with our online lifetime signature program that includes pet nutrition guidance, herbal medicine, and supplements in a group setting that provides education to truly understand how you’re healing your pets, community support, and weekly live support from Dr. Katie to find the root cause and achieve optimal health again.


“Dr. Katie is excellent to work with. We are so thankful to be able to be guided and directed by her to help our sweet girl, along with western medicine! Thank you Dr. Katie for your guidance, direction and support.”

Brandy N

“Dr. Woodley is awesome! She was able to see my new foster dog during the same appointment for my senior Australian cattle dog, Sam. She helped give me some ideas to help with the Foster Dogs behavioral issues along with some other arthritis issues that the regular vet did not catch that same day.”

Jodie S

“As a doctor of acupuncture for people, I was VERY picky about choosing an acupuncturist for our beloved blue heeler! Dr. Woodley came highly recommended by multiple friends and I am so very grateful we found her. She’s extremely thorough, very knowledgable, and clearly passionate about what she does. Her acupuncture and nutritional changes have helped Yodle considerably! Can’t recommend her enough!”

Meghan P


We’ve got you covered.

Join our ONLINE Healthy Holistic Pet For Life Blueprint Program…

  • Healthy Holistic Pet Blueprint Course to guide you on the holistic health foundations that will help your dogs and cats live a long and healthy life with fewer vet visits so you feel empowered, supported and confident
  • Natural Pet Guides to help you navigate holistic pet health
  • 20+ hours of video guidance on natural pet care that includes nutrition and gut health, immune health, environmental health, emotional health, and how to optimize physical health for your dogs and cats
  • Weekly Q&A’s with holistic veterinarian, Dr. Katie Woodley to gain clarity on how to help your pets achieve optimal health
  • A friendly, like-minded, and non-judgmental holistic community of pet parents worldwide for you to connect with and get additional support from a holistic veterinarian
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to help your current and future fur family!

Are you ready to regain control and help your pet in a new but easy-to-implement way that provides life-long pet health and wellness?

If so, make sure you fill out an application now to see if you’re a good fit since this is an application only program.

The time is now to help your pet thrive naturally so they can live a long and vibrant life for many more years to come.

Need help deciding if this service is best for your pet?


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