Have you ever noticed your cat hanging out on the ground versus jumping up on the bed?

Maybe your dog seems grumpier than he’s been previously?

Or maybe your pets are spending less time hanging out with you at night while you’re watching TV?

These can all be subtle signs of pain in our pets. Our pets are really good at hiding when they are uncomfortable, and it can be very easy to miss these signs. Make sure you know what these signs can look like in your dogs and cats, so you can identify them and treat it proactively with food and supplements before they become a debilitating issue for your pet.

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common conditions as our pets age.

Cancer unfortunately is another common condition that develops in all pets, not just seniors.

However, by adding anti-inflammatory foods and supplements to our pet’s daily routines, we can slow down the aging in our pet’s body. In our previous blog post Top 3 Supplements for Cancer Prevention in Dogs, we discussed how you can use supplements to help prevent cancer by supporting our pet’s immune systems.

Natural remedies and holistic medicine work wonders in our pets, just like they do in people when used appropriately. This type of medicine can also be integrated into your pet’s care even if they are on conventional drugs, like Rimadyl for pain.

When we use natural pet remedies, your pet usually needs less of a conventional drug that can have side effects and may not even need the drug. Also, if your pet is not responding to conventional medicine or is having side effects, we can utilize natural medicine to treat them with a more gentle and effective approach.

This video covers holistic remedies such as essential oils, CBD, and acupuncture with a trained veterinarian to help with pain and other aging changes your pet may be experiencing.

Essential oils are powerful plant therapy. However, when used inappropriately, they can also harm pets, especially cats. Less is definitely more with essential oils. It’s always important to make sure the essential oil is being diffused in an open room to ensure your pet can leave if they want and that they do not have an adverse reaction to the essential oil.

CBD is another area that is growing in popularity amongst pet parents. Click here for more information about using CBD in your pet safely.

Acupuncture is a powerful and safe way to help reduce inflammation and pain in dogs and cats. This treatment needs to be done by a trained veterinarian but has helped numerous patients of mine achieve a great quality of life again.

I’ll never forget one of my first acupuncture patients who was almost euthanized due to severe, debilitating neck pain. His first acupuncture session changed his life and brought his pain down significantly. He ended up living for another few years and passed away from another health condition at an older age.

Learn how acupuncture works and benefits pets by reading our previous blog post, Healing Points – How Acupuncture Can Benefit Your Pet.

Another area that we can control as pet parents for our pets is their weight. Keeping your pets in a lean body condition is essential for optimizing their health and wellness. Obese pets have more inflammation in their systems from the extra fat-releasing inflammatory cytokines. This extra weight also puts extra pressure on their joints, which makes it harder and more painful for senior pets to get around.

There are a lot of ways we can support our precious pets as they age. Remember age is not a disease, and through diet, nutraceuticals, supplements, and integrating holistic medicine into our pet’s care, they can live a long and vibrant life.


In this video, you will learn about:

  • What is a senior pet and common changes

  • Common diseases in senior pets to monitor for

  • Signs of pain in your senior pet

  • Natural remedies to help pain

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