Have you ever stood in the middle of the pet food aisle wondering how to pick the best food for your dog and cat?

There are hundreds of brands and options for your dog and cat. The bags have beautiful pictures of whole, real food, and happy pets, but you’re just not sure if that food will help your pet.

You turn the bag around and look at the ingredient list and like that meat is the first ingredient. There may even be real foods like blueberries and broccoli listed on the ingredient list, which makes you feel even better about feeding the pet food to your pet. However, did you know that there are many little tricks that pet food companies will use to engage with the consumer and make their pet foods look extra appealing, but in reality that food may be seriously lacking in nutrients.

We are here today to empower you as a pet parent to know what to look for when you are looking at the labels and assessing the different foods on the market. Every pet is different on the types of food that will be the best option for them to improve vitality and health. Not everyone can do a homecooked diet, and that’s ok. This list will help you assess the different foods that are available so you can pick the best dog and cat food for your budget, lifestyle, and your pet.

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In this video, we cover 8 main areas to assess when looking at pet food:

  • Why your pet’s age, lifestyle, and breed matter

  • Concurrent diseases

  • Knowing the buzz words

  • How to read ingredients

  • What does grain-free mean

  • Home-made diets

  • What is an AAFCO statement

  • Pet food recalls

Feeling alone or like there are no other options for your pet, check out our additional resources below to get the education and information you need to help your fur family thrive.


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*Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your own veterinarian or doctor. The information contained in thenaturalpetdoctor.com is strictly for educational purposes. Therefore, if you wish to apply ideas contained in thenaturalpetdoctor.com, you are taking full responsibility for your actions. Please consult your veterinarian for medical advice for your own pets. Dr. Katie Woodley cannot answer specific questions about your pet’s medical issues or make medical recommendations for your pet without first establishing a veterinarian-client-patient relationship.


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