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You should never have to hear there’s nothing else you can do for your pet and be left with no hope.

You know there’s got to be another way to help your pet feel their best, but you’re just not sure where to start.

Maybe conventional medicine isn’t working anymore for your pet’s cancer treatment.

Or your dog’s allergies are out of control, and you’re worried about how miserable your furry family member feels.

Maybe you’re wondering if there’s better pet food that you can feed your fur family that will help prevent disease.

Have you ever wished that you could find a partner in your pet’s veterinary care to listen and provide guidance on a more holistic approach to your pet’s health rather than making you feel like you’re wrong for asking about real food and herbs?

You’re in the right place.

This is where we can help provide clarity, education, and hope again with a holistic health approach.

There is another way to help your pets feel their best again, and I’m here to partner with you.

I’m Dr. Katie Woodley, an integrative holistic veterinarian, who’s on a mission to make sure pet parents like you have natural pet treatment options, along with empowering you with holistic medicine education that can help your pets thrive naturally.

However, my passion for holistic medicine started long before The Natural Pet Doctor became a business.

My veterinary career started in the beautiful country of New Zealand.

I was blessed to go to veterinary school in New Zealand and then fell in love with a Kiwi, no not the bird, which is why I stayed for a few more years to begin my veterinary career.

The beautiful countryside, ocean, and mountains were a dream come true, and this is when I had my first taste for a more holistic lifestyle that included growing our own vegetables, raising chickens, and even our own lambs and sheep.

However, I missed my family back in the States and we came back a few years after finishing school to continue life in Colorado, where I’m originally from.

But six months after moving back, our lives changed.

My husband developed an autoimmune disease, and this solidified my journey into holistic medicine.

Doctor after doctor told us that food didn’t matter, herbs wouldn’t work and that he’d have to be on strong immuno-suppressive drugs for life, but as we continued to research on our own, we found that other people were having success with a more holistic lifestyle.

Maybe you’ve been in a similar position?

I started to wonder why I wasn’t doing this for my patients.  But holistic medicine wasn’t taught in veterinary school.

However, I knew there had to be another way.

As I delved deeper into researching holistic medicine for pets, I found that there was another way, and it provided a lot more options than just approaching health from a conventional perspective and only treating symptoms.

We could treat the root cause of the disease and fix so many pets. 

Becoming certified in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine was a game-changer in helping pets feel their best.

By integrating conventional medicine knowledge with a holistic approach, we achieve better patient outcomes than using conventional medicine alone, so that you don’t have to feel lost and hopeless ever again. 

Why is this important for you?

By partnering with thousands of pet parents throughout the years to optimize their pet’s health through food therapy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and supplements, I’ve been able to fix diseases that supposedly couldn’t be fixed and improve longevity and help pets feel their best, even if they had been dealing with the issue for years.

However, when my soul pup, Finn, was diagnosed with a brain tumor after starting to have seizures, he truly showed me that when we integrate holistic medicine into our pet’s lives, they can do well and live longer than if we only had conventional medicine.

Finn was given 1 week to live after a CT scan showed a brain tumor that was creating severe brain swelling and impinging on his optic nerve.

Surgery was not an option for our 10-year-old German Shepherd and radiation would most likely leave him blind due to the location of the tumor.

Conventional medications, prednisone, and anti-seizure meds were prescribed to reduce the brain swelling but left Finn unable to eat, stand, and led to vomiting and diarrhea, which he had never experienced in his life.

But I was able to take him off of these meds and utilize acupuncture, pet CBD oil, herbal medicine, and supplements, alongside healthy homemade pet nutrition.

This experience was very difficult but left me very grateful for my holistic pet health knowledge to help my boy feel his best to the very end.

The best part was we were able to gain another year of amazing quality of life and many more memories with Finn when all felt lost and we were given no hope. 

Whether you need one-on-one guidance or you’re looking for holistic education to empower yourself to help your pet, we’ve got you covered.

Partnering with amazing companies like BasePaws, PetSitters International, and GreatPetCare, I feel blessed to be able to spread how holistic medicine can help pets live their best lives through webinars and writing articles alongside online programs that support pet parents no matter where they are on in the world.

Helping pets live longer, healthier lives are why we do what we do!

Every pet deserves the best chance possible at living a life free of pain, anxiety, GI issues, cat and dog allergies, and cancer.

We’re committed to helping you prevent disease in the first place, reduce unwanted veterinary bills, and help heal disease in your pets.

Even if your pets don’t have issues, you can help them with our Wellness Guides, blog posts, and lifetime Healthy Holistic Pet For Life Blueprint Program so you can prevent pet health issues from occurring in the first place.

Hearing how pet parents are getting amazing results is why we’re determined to make sure you have natural pet care options.

I’m obsessed with making sure you have all of the natural pet care options, ranging from conventional to holistic remedies to ensure your pet thrives.

Grateful that you’re here,
~Dr. Katie

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“I’m so happy to have found Dr. Katie! I spent countless dollars with regular vets regarding issues with my 16 yo cat. Tests were showing nothing, and I was told to just give him meds. They all chastised me for feeding him a raw diet, which I firmly believe in. Dr. Katie did the opposite. She also put him on some Chinese herbs and enzymes to address what are obviously GI issues. He began improving within just a couple of days. I highly recommend Dr. Katie!”

~ Susan

“I was looking for a naturopathic vet and there are none in San Antonio. I found Dr. Katie doing a Google search! Within the initial consultation, my dog improved tremendously from recurring staph infections. She was able to treat him successfully without antibiotics which we’ve previously done many times and the recurrence always comes back with a vengeance. It was frustrating. The experience has exceeded my expectations in service, outcomes, and convenience. I highly recommend her. She’s so flexible, patient, and responsive. My dog is happy and healthy.”


Dr. Katie Woodley

BVSc – Bachelor of Veterinary Science (=DVM)

cVMA – Certified Veterinary Medical Acupuncturist

GDVCHM – Graduate Diploma of Chinese Herbal Medicine

Meet Our Care Coordinator

Ryan Woodley

If you partner with The Natural Pet Doctor, you’ll meet the wonderful Ryan, our incredible Care Coordinator.

Ryan is the other half of Dr. Katie, and together they are on a mission to make sure people have options for their pet’s care.

The compassion and care Ryan shows and has for all pets emanates through everything he does. He has a huge heart and loves pets, which is why you’ll always see him surrounded by their 3 cats and other animals being attracted to him!

When Ryan isn’t busy helping pet parents or keeping Dr. Katie on task, he enjoys spending time on the beach, traveling and supporting ocean clean up efforts.

Jess Spear


We’ve got you covered.

Join our Healthy Holistic Pet For Life Blueprint to access...

  • Healthy Holistic Pet For Life Blueprint Course to guide you on the holistic health foundations that will help your dogs and cats live a long and healthy life with fewer vet visits and vet bills by healing root causes versus symptom care for gut health and skin issues
  • Natural Pet Health & Supplement Guides to help you navigate holistic pet health through all lifestages so you feel confident on the next steps
  • 20+ hours of video guidance on natural pet care that includes nutrition and gut health, immune health, environmental health, emotional health, and how to optimize physical health for your dogs and cats
  • Lifetime weekly Q&A’s with holistic veterinarian, Dr. Katie Woodley, to ask your pet health questions and receive guidance for any of your current and future pets
  • A friendly, like-minded, and non-judgmental holistic community of pet parents worldwide for you to connect with and get additional support so that you never feel alone again trying to figure out what's best for your pets that is off social media and moderated by Dr. Katie herself

Are you ready to regain control and help your pet in a new but easy-to-implement way that provides life-long pet health, support and wellness?

If so, make sure you watch our FREE masterclass now to see if you're a good fit.

The time is now to help your pet thrive naturally so they can live a long and vibrant life for many more years to come.

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