The holiday season is a wonderful time of the year when people come together to cherish one another’s company and celebrate what we are thankful for together. Our pets are an integral part to our families, so here are a few ways to help celebrate the season with them!

1) Dress them up

We love getting dressed up during this time of year, so why not allow our pets to do the same! Add a fancy bow to your dog’s collar or a cute little outfit to your dog or cat. Just make sure that your pet is always supervised while they are wearing an outfit, especially if they are not used to it.

2) Family photos

We are all familiar with family photos with Santa at this time of year, so why not incorporate our pets into these photos. Taking pictures of our furry families with Santa is becoming more popular. This is a great time to also include those cute outfits you dressed them up in! Maybe your furry pup will even get his delicious bone he asked Santa for if he is a good boy during his photos!

3) Special treats

The holiday season is full of delicious treats and food we usually don’t have throughout the year. Include your animals, by giving them a delicious treat or baking them.

Remember that they can get sick if the treat is too fatty or they are not used to it, so stick to your treats that are safe for them.

Nothing takes away holiday cheer faster than a sick pet and a trip to the emergency room. Check out Martha Stewart’s website for some tasty and safe treats you can make for your furry friends this holiday season:

4) Check out the Christmas lights together

Not only do you get some exercise, but you get to experience the beauty of the lights together. Our pups are craving more exercise and are probably getting a few more treats, so take some time together to burn some extra calories and see all the fun lights at this time of year.

Definitely check out what’s going on in your town, because there are a lot of fun Christmas events going on that allow your pups to be a part of!

5) Last but not least, enjoy some down time with your pets

Now is the perfect time to relax, watch some good holiday movies and just spend quality time together.

Charlie Brown’s Christmas never gets old!

The #1 gift we can give to our pets is to just be present with them, so let’s do something good for us also by relaxing together. There is nothing better than sitting by the Christmas tree with hot cocoa and a good book!

I hope this gives you a few ideas on how to spend some time with your furry family members. Happy holidays from my family to yours!

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